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The Collective

For Women Who Aspire

To Climb the Corporate Ladder in Africa

Business inclusion of women in Africa must move beyond entrepreneurship, and provide guidance and inspiration for all women who choose  a career path to the c-suite.  Each year, hosts a virtual summit on International Women’s Day.  The free event is designed to help women business leaders become better visionaries for their organizations and be more prepared for the future on the frontlines of progress. Building upon’s collaboration with faculty of prestigious universities and unrivaled power to convene thousands of virtual attendees, the events are produced with the highest level of commitment and passion. Renowned for innovative topics and formats, the events tap into the insights and peer-level interaction across industries at a strategic business level.

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What Women CEOs Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

For Women at the Top of the Corporate Ladder’s annual Definitive List of Women CEOs showcases the women who are leading the largest companies listed on an African stock exchange. The women on the Definitive List are making it possible for all women across the continent to follow their footsteps and build a career that rewards hard work, tenacity, resilience, and leadership skills.

Training Workshops

For Women Starting on the Corporate Ladder

Another key dimension of the initiative is to build the capacity of emerging female leaders in the private sector. To this end, the initiative develops free online training workshops to inspire women and girls to pursue a career in business for the good of Africa. Their seat at the table could result in more inclusive outcomes across the continent. 

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Showcasing Africa in support of a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable future. is a women-led digital media company with an extensive array of platforms that reach a global audience interested in African content and community. is committed to changing the narrative of Africa through the power of unparalleled storytelling.

In line with its mission, seeks to inspire women & girls by recognizing Africa’s most accomplished and dynamic female leaders. intends to encourage African women & girls to pursue the highest levels of the private sector and to be part of the decision-making process in the public sector.’s webinars, summits, and training workshops provide free access to world-class professors, facilitators, speakers, and business leaders from across the continent and the world.